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Access Music Project

The Access Music Project is a one year work programme that commences each September. It runs from Monday to Friday, 10.00am – 2.00pm and is located at St. Patrick’s Bandhall, Frenchville Lane, Galway. (Beside the train station). Upon completion of the course participants will have benefited from recognised national accreditation in a number of compulsory core modules:

Eilish O’Connor – Project Co-ordinator





AMP Modules

 Music Theory - The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music

This module is designed to give the learner an appreciation and knowledge of music notation and vocabulary. It caters for the needs of the complete beginner to the highly advanced.

 Piano Skills - Royal Irish Academy of Music

The primary objective of this module is to develop the participants piano / keyboard skills whilst also further developing the ability to actively read sheet music. Keyboard skills are invaluable in areas such as composing, music technology and teaching music.

 Vocal Skills - QQI Level 5

This module is designed to give the learner an appreciation and understanding of vocal music and performance in both theory and practice. It covers breathing, tone production, projection and many other skills fundamental to singing. The module is accommodating to both accomplished and aspiring singers and focuses on the elements of both solo singing and harmony for backing vocals.Both the Vocal and Percussion Modules were devised and authored by our own AMP tutors to meet the needs of the participants.

 Rhythm & Percussion - QQI Level 5

This module has been designed to the highest standards and endeavors to give the learner an appreciation and understanding of rhythm amp; percussion, both in theory and practice. Rhythm amp; percussion are elementary to any study of music and as such this module caters for those who wish to broaden both their musical appreciation and skills.

 Sound Engineering - QQI Level 5

This module is designed to offer a practical introduction to sound engineering and production, meeting the needs of a range of learners following media and performing arts courses. The module combines practical training and experience with theoretical appreciation. It meets a wide range of vocational needs through emphasis on responsibility, good work practices, creativity, effective, communication and co-operation.

  Career Planning - QQI Level 4

This module offers the learner the opportunity to develop, practice and gain credit for a range of skills which will enable them to undertake and sustain participation in further mainstream training, education and employment opportunities. Candidates will develop the skills necessary to research, make and peruse occupational or learning choices.

 Work Experience

Work experience is a planned experiential learning activity and is an integral part of an educational process. It involves learners preparing and planning for work, working under direction in a specific area while also reviewing and evaluating that work. The experience of work enables learners to develop practical work skills, evaluate employment opportunities and cope with changing work environments.

Course Application Form

Applicants Must Be:

Over 25 years of age. In receipt of social welfare for 12 months or more. Resident of Galway City or County. Have a basic knowledge, interest and ability in music. All applicants must be registered with the Department of Social Protection, Sean Duggan Centre, Fairgreen, Galway or with your Local Employment Service (LES) in order for their AMP application to be processed. 


Find your nearest LES office at the link below:


LES Offices


 Once registered please print and return AMP application form to us via post.

Download 2015 Application Form